I feel that my experience with Focus Education has been a major help in preparing me for my exam. I am very happy my school had recommended them to me. There was so much I gained from attending the classes. One thing I really liked, was that the Instructors used the same study material we are given to prepare for the exam, and go through it with us cover to cover. The benefit I saw here was that, the Instructors, being med school graduates, were able to pinpoint key points and concepts that they found were really important and helpful to them when they had to write the exam and helped express their importancetous. The Instructors were also really helpful at explaining the material and finding strategiestoen able us to understand the concepts to a very high degree. I also found that doing questions with the Instructors really helped me with my ability to approach and tackle questions. I find that after finishing the course,I am able to integrate all the study strategies and test taking strategies introduced to me by the Instructors and apply it to my own studying. I found that my studying and progress in prepping for the exam has increased by a lot from the time before and after finishing this course. All in all, I would definitely recommend others to take this course. My experience from taking it has been amazing.