“I got introduced to FECC by a friend who had taken a course there. She was not only glad that she took the course there, but she spoke glowingly about how the Director of Medical Education talked her through the medical licensing process in Canada. I understood the importance of attending a class for my NAC-OSCE exams, as I was coming from a completely different terrain. I came to speak to the Director of Medical Education and I was convinced FECC was the right place for me to prepare for my exams, though I had been told of several other schools. Fortunately, it turned out I made the right choice as I met a lot of people who attended courses in other places and they had some not too good stories to tell.

The NAC-OSCE course at FECC is a practical based course simulating the exams. Communication skills, which are an essential part of the exams are well taught during the course. The instructors give constructive feedback every step of the way and also instill in us the importance of practicing together. The mock exams were simply on point. Upon completion of the course, the doors of FECC were still open to us, to use the classes for our private study at no cost. Our instructors were also ready to answer our questions at any time. The important thing to the management was our success and not necessarily the money.

All of these came to play during my NAC-OSCE exams in September 2015, as I glided through the stations effortlessly and finished most of my cases well before the 8 minute bell. I finished my last case without realizing the exam was over. At every station in the exam, I realized there was always something we had touched upon at FECC, and so for me, I was not taken by surprise.

I must say that, my memoirs would never be complete without FECC. I’ll recommend FECC to anyone writing the NAC-OSCE exams. However,it’s important to know that whoever is going for the NAC-OSCE exams must also be ready to do his or her own part, which is to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! The importance of practicing with other colleagues taking the exams can never be underscored.”

Date of Posting: November 2015