Description:  The MCCQE Part II assesses the candidate’s core abilities to apply medical knowledge, demonstrate clinical skills, develop investigational and therapeutic clinical plans, as well as demonstrate professional behaviors and attitudes at a level expected of a physician in independent practice in Canada. Candidates must have successfully completed the MCCQE Part I and be completing their postgraduate medical education (currently there is a requirement for one year of postgraduate education).

The MCCQE Part I and II form two components of the Licentiate of the MCC (LMCC), which, in turn, is one of the prerequisites for licensure and entry into independent practice in Canada.

The MCCQE Part II is a two-day examination that consists of a series of clinical stations including pilot stations that do not count towards your total score. At each station, a brief written statement introduces a clinical problem and directs you to appropriately examine a standardized (simulated) patient as well as perform activities such as:

  • obtaining a focused history
  • conducting a focused physical examination
  • assessing and addressing the patient’s issues
  • answering specific questions related to the patient
  • interpreting x-rays or the results of other investigations
  • making a diagnosis
  • writing admission orders

This examination includes problems in:

  • Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Preventive Medicine and Community Health
  • Psychiatry
  • Surgery

as well as in similar disciplines considered essential for competence in general medicine and health care.

 Schedule: This course runs 4 weeks, 3 classes per week (usually 2 weekdays and one day on the weekend for 3 hours).  Classes run between 4 hours with breaks included.  For more detailed information about our next set of classes, please contact us at 905-232-2022 or

Instructors: Your instructors will vary between subjects. All of whom, are M.D.’s who have qualified the Licensing Exams being taught.

For more detailed information about our next set of classes, please contact us at 905-232-2022 or

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