Business Writing

Business Writing

Course Description :

This course will assist students in transitioning from academic writing to business writing. The course will teach students to effectively analyze communication situations and write business documents that are clear, complete, correct, concise, and courteous. Business grammar, writing mechanics, and document format will be covered.

Course Goals:

  • To transition students from academic writing to business writing
  • To improve students’ ability to write

Course Objectives :

Through completion of this course, you will:

  1. Effectively analyze communication situations
  2. Write effective business documents that are clear, complete, correct, concise, and courteous
  3. Determine and effectively apply appropriate organizational plans to written business documents
  4. Format written documents based on generally accepted standards
  5. Demonstrate mastery of standard grammar and writing mechanics

All course objectives will be assessed on quizzes, writing assignments, and the final exam.

Expectations for Professionalism:

One of the major underlying themes to this course is professionalism and how professionalism (or lack there of) can influence communication and relationships. As such a level of professionalism is expected in class.

If you remember one simple word, you will likely meet that level of professionalism. That word is RESPECT — Respect for your instructor, your fellow classmates, for yourself, and for the classroom facilities.


Classes offered mostly Online.

Check with administration if there is a possibility of group or one on one class.


10 hours – $ 350/-