First thing first, I improved IELTS from 6 to 7 by studying 20 hours in Focus Education at a very reasonable price.
I found this organization by google Map, and I read the reviews – that was the best reviews I found among all those organizations I am interested in. So I made the decision to study IELTS here. “Sara is the best” – I saw more than one person saying that on Google review, I am gonna be another one to say this. I think Sara is a very good teacher. She has the right approach to help you improve your IELTS score. Also, the curriculum she chooses is very focusing (Is this the reason that this educational organization name themselves? They can always make the education very focus.)

After I took 10 hours course, I strongly recommended it to my friend. She improved as well. Yes, I would strongly recommend to those who intend to improve their IELTS score.