Student Testimonials

“My experience with the Focus education centre staffs and the training I received towards my MCCQE2 was very professional and helpful. Sara and Asra all made me feels at home at all time and made learning a pleasure. I arrived in Canada with only 3 weeks to my exams. Had only five one-one instruction sessions. The qualified instructors taught me well the foundation required to excel and gave me very useful tips. The scenarios practiced were identical to real exam. The emergency stations was so easy for me. I would highly recommend Focus Education Centre of Canada, anytime, any day. Passed first attempt with 612. Very grateful.””

Date of Posting:December 5, 2017
Posted By : Dr. Oye Olanrewaju

Thank you very much Focus Education Centre for fulfilling my dream of achieving a high score on the IELTS exam and all credit goes to Sara, the teacher. I went into Focus Education Centre with zero confidence the first day as I had received a low score on the IELTS exam on my first attempt but then I started at Focus and was taught by Sara who put in so much effort and taught me the best strategy to study. After studying for a month, my overall score was 7.0. I think Focus Education is one of the best places as far as I know.”

Date of Posting: November 2016
Posted By: Jaswinder Sharma

“Focus Education is a wonderful institute. It prepares you really well for your exams. I took IELTS full time preparation course and got my desired score on the exam. Sara is an excellent teacher, who taught this course. She helped me a lot to get 7 band score on IELTS. She gave us a lot of material to practice. Mock tests at the end of the week helps boost confidence. In fact, I saw my improvement in the mock tests. I highly recommend joining Focus Education if you are looking for higher score on IELTS exam.”

Date of Posting: April 2016
Posted By: Sandeep Naphry

“Although I had to deal with many challenges during the admission process and the preparations that needed to be considered as a successful candidate for Chemical Engineering at Waterloo University, all that was nothing compared to the biggest challenge which is passing the IELTS.

My tutor Sara was amazing. I had spoken with many IELTS tutors but none of them believed that I can make it up to 7 on the IELTS test. Then when I met with Sara at Focus Edu. centre in Mississauga, I felt that with her it is possible to reach that score. So I did what I had to do and with God’s help and the wonderful teacher (Sara) we made it in less than a month. Finally, I got the score I needed which is an overall of 7.

Thank you Sara…”

Date of Posting: March 2016
Posted By: Omer Dlale
Chemical Engineering Student, Mississauga

“It was a successful experience to study at Focus Education Centre, it helped me a lot to improve and get high scores on the IELTS exam. Plus the teacher, Sara was so great; she taught many useful techniques to help me in my exam. In addition, the place is so organized and great”


Date of Posting: March 2016
Posted By: Deema

“I already scheduled a date for the IELTS exam before deciding to get a review course. Good thing I found Focus Education Centre. Barely 3 weeks of preparation, Sara helped me focus on techniques on how to get higher band scores and I did it!

Had it not been for Sara’s coaching and the enormous amount of review material to practice on at the centre, as well as the home assignments too, the outcome would have been different.

It was so delightful to see that I scored much higher than was expected of me.

I am so glad I found Focus Education Centre. Thank you so much.”

Date of Posting: March 2016
Posted By: Anna Labayen

“Focus Education was my school of choice for the NAC-OSCE exam for 2015. I met with the entire staff and the medical director one-on-one and went over my goals and needs to not only just pass my upcoming exam, but also my future leading up to residency. The staff are professional and friendly and were always available to answer questions. What sets Focus Education Centre apart from others are the small class sizes taught by qualified doctors and the individual attention each student gets. This is an education centre serious about the success of every student that passes through it’s doors.”

Date of Posting: January 2016
Posted By: Bobby Paikatt

“I joined Focus Education to prepare for MCCEE and Nac Osce. The attention the teachers give to each individual student is remarkable, and they really go the extra mile to make sure the material is understood. They provide constant quizzes/mock exams and follow a schedule to ensure all material is covered with enough time for revision. What really makes it a true learning experience is that I never felt hesitant to ask questions. To be in an open learning environment is fundamental and Focus provides that. Focus was there for every step of my studying, I’m happy all the hard work paid off. Thank you to all the teachers, management and staff!

Focus Education Centre is a small family run business and not a commercialized institution.”

Date of Posting: November 2015
Posted By: Margarita

“I got introduced to FECC by a friend who had taken a course there. She was not only glad that she took the course there, but she spoke glowingly about how the Director of Medical Education talked her through the medical licensing process in Canada. I understood the importance of attending a class for my NAC-OSCE exams, as I was coming from a completely different terrain. I came to speak to the Director of Medical Education and I was convinced FECC was the right place for me to prepare for my exams, though I had been told of several other schools. Fortunately, it turned out I made the right choice as I met a lot of people who attended courses in other places and they had some not too good stories to tell.

The NAC-OSCE course at FECC is a practical based course simulating the exams. Communication skills, which are an essential part of the exams are well taught during the course. The instructors give constructive feedback every step of the way and also instill in us the importance of practicing together. The mock exams were simply on point. Upon completion of the course, the doors of FECC were still open to us, to use the classes for our private study at no cost. Our instructors were also ready to answer our questions at any time. The important thing to the management was our success and not necessarily the money.

All of these came to play during my NAC-OSCE exams in September 2015, as I glided through the stations effortlessly and finished most of my cases well before the 8 minute bell. I finished my last case without realizing the exam was over. At every station in the exam, I realized there was always something we had touched upon at FECC, and so for me, I was not taken by surprise.

I must say that, my memoirs would never be complete without FECC. I’ll recommend FECC to anyone writing the NAC-OSCE exams. However,it’s important to know that whoever is going for the NAC-OSCE exams must also be ready to do his or her own part, which is to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! The importance of practicing with other colleagues taking the exams can never be underscored.”

Date of Posting: November 2015
Posted By: Olaitin

“Great place I went for the IELTS class and it was so helpful. Sara was great, she helped me a lot to get to the score I needed. I got 8.5 in reading, 7.5 in speaking, 8.5 in listening and 7 in writing. I only needed a band score of 7 for each. Thank you Focus Education.”

Kamalika Gamage

Date of Posting: December 2014
Posted By: Kamalika Gamage
IELTS course, Mississauga

“I participated in Focus Education Centre full-time IELTS preparation classes which helped me a lot in order to achieve overall band score 7 in IELTS exam for my first attempt (listening 7.5, Reading 7, Writing 6.5, and Speaking 6.5). During the course you will be bombarded by many of the sample tests and mock tests. Actually I observed my improvement in my mock test results within the course, which helped my self-confidence level. They also provide you a flexible schedule so that you can adjust your class time with other groups. In order to get the most out of the courses do not register for the IELTS test until your instructor suggests an appropriate date (which was exactly accurate for me). It is highly recommended by me to individuals who are trying to improve their IELTS band score by 1 or 1.5 points in a reasonable time.”

Date of Posting: December 2014
Posted By: Hamid Moghimpour
Mississauga, Canada

I spent only one month at Focus Education Centre preparing for IELTS Academic, Sara helped me get 7.5 for Listening, 6.5 for Reading, 6.0 for Writing (Even though I was very nervous and wrote the main essay on another topic), and 6.5 for Speaking. Overall, 6.5 and I needed 6.0 to pass. Sara is a great teacher, understands your needs and has a really communicative personality.”

Date of Posting: October 2014
Posted By: Anna
Mother of three kids, Russia & Canada

“I really recommend this Centre for people in Ontario. Excellent helpful administration. A Brilliant medical director. Nice environment full of positive energy.

I scored above 95th percentile in the Canadian exams EE & QE1. I’ve seen many IMG schools in Ontario. FECC is my best so far. I think they teach it the right way.”

Date of Posting: August 2014
Posted By: Haleem Ibdah

“Focus Education Centre of Canada really helped me master the fundamentals of basic science and build on concepts thoroughly, which made a big difference in the NBMES score and the real exam! Way to go Focus!!! Two thumbs up!!! Medical Students really needed a place like yours. Wishing you all success.”

Date of Posting: August 2014
Posted By: Elton Diniz
Medical Student, Chicago

“An incredible institute which provided me with excellent guidance in IELTS training. Even while studying in a group, students are given individual attention. Teachers are extremely imperative in motivating to score great on the exam. Ambient atmosphere to study. Mock test taken every end of the week which is very important. The schedule is quite flexible, catering to specific demands. I wrote the exam and I got 7.5 in listening, 7.0 in reading, 6.5 in writing, and 7.0 in speaking. So, overall my score was 7.0. I must appreciate the teachers for their efforts and help. They try to get the best out of their students.”

Ashish Goklaney

Date of Posting: August 2014
Posted By: Ashish Goklaney
Mechanical Engineer, Mississauga

“Very good institute. Teachers are so friendly and make you understand very well. I am so glad I came here. Location is great. I want to give 5 stars becoz it’s really worth it. 🙂 “

Date of Posting: July 2014
Posted By: Ami Dhaliwal Mann

“Great school and very helpful. I passed my GMAT. Thank you Focus Education!”

Date of Posting: April 2014
Posted By: Maria Lumila
Saudi Arabia

“What a pleasure to work with this team. I passed TOEFL and now submitting my score for College admissions.

Focus Education helped me to improve my life in several ways and today I feel more comfortable communicating with the average Canadian and American.”

Date of Posting: March 2013
Posted By: Linda Mendoza

“I highly recommend to take this course in Focus Education Centre because they have very good instructors. Makes the study easy for the exam and they gave us very high yield topics that they focus on MCCEE. I’m very pleased and I advise other students to take this course.””

Musab Abouiznied – (June-August/October 2017)

“This course has been really helpful in identifying the important topics and familiarizing with the Canadian medical system, as regards what is considered to be high yield and what isn’t. Great teachers overall, very friendly. Outstanding presentations, very focused on Toronto notes. Could have used more practice question sessions and some of the sessions were really rushed. Could have been divided in multiple sessions. All in all, it was a good course, had the opportunity to make new friends and get acquainted. Thank you, FECC””

Ahmed Abdellatif – (October 11 to November 20, 2017)

“This programme helps us focus on the high yield areas that require more attention while preparing for the MCCEE. The instructors are very friendly and dedicated. They are more than happy to clear any doubts the students may have and advise on how to tackle questions and prepare properly for exams. The presentations were well prepared and very focused on Toronto Notes, which I felt is very helpful. More practice questions during lessons would have been better, maybe at the end of each lecture and breakdown sessions like OB/GYN and Pediatrics. Overall, I had a great experience at FECC and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to pass the MCCEE with a high score. In fact, I already have recommended it to 3 of my friends.””

Maneesha Jinali Gunawardena – October 11 to November 20, 2017)